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Property Tax

I propose eliminating ad valorem/property taxes entirely. Once again, this would occur over the course of several years, in tandem with education reform, allowing communities to prepare and plan.  

Bottom line, if you decide to stop paying property taxes because you, as a free individual, chooses not to use the services provide by said tax (schools, fire, police, etc.). After you stop paying your property tax, at some point in the near future, an armed team will show up at your door to take your property from you. That is not an exaggeration. That is simply fact.  You stop paying property taxes and this will be the ultimate end result. You must ask yourself, is this freedom? Do I really own my property? Or am I just renting it since the government can seize it? 

If a service is something that I desire to have, like schools, fire and police protection, should I not be allowed to voluntarily pay for this service? And shouldn't fire and police protection agencies be lobbying for my support to pay for and utilize their service? Isn't that how it works for other services we use? Roofers? Plumbers? Hair salons and barbers? Restaurants? Don't we shop around and find the best product for our purchase? And don't the vendors of those services do their best to provide a quality product and win your business?  

People in the United States are quick to complain about monopolies for any service. They complain because monopolies have no interest in putting the consumer first. After all, they control the market why do they need to do anything to improve their product or service. You as the consumer are trapped with no options. These monopolies don't need to respond to market demands because they don't have to. 

These same people completely ignore the monopoly that exists in all things funded by property tax. Government tax funded agencies like fire, police and education are monopolies. Where is the outrage?

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