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We need to remove government from our education system.

First, I propose we abolish Article 7 of the Texas Constitution which calls for the State of Texas to provide government controlled, and managed, education. Additionally, abolish any compulsory education laws.

Government should NOT be in the business of education.

Government education is not effective, efficient nor do they believe individual rights and freedoms are a guiding principle. The performance of students in the United States versus the rest of the world is all the evidence that is required. Instead of government providing education, allow local communities and parents to determine, and fund, the education system of their choice. If abolishing Article 7 is too much initially let's amend the constitution to allow individual communities or municipalities to opt out of state or community funded public education and create their own.

Eliminate the Texas Education Agency and reject federal education mandates and funding over the course of 5 years. Place schools back in the control of parents and their local communities.  Schools are then funded using free market principles. Parents, no longer paying property and other taxes, are now free to shop around for schools that are right for their child.

No more standardized tests. No more "state" created or financed curriculum. Parents take back control of their child's education. Local schools and communities will then have no other option but to compete for "Customers" (parents and children) and their money. They will have to shift to free market thought by providing strong curriculum's, great facilities and strong teachers. The administration at these institutions of learning now have the flexibility to truly reward teachers and educators for outstanding performance. Great teachers will be better compensated for their hard and successful work while marginal and under performing teachers will either work hard to improve or find another career.

I don't think for a second that this would be an easy transition. It would not. I encourage all of you to read this article and really give it some thought. While the journey might be difficult, the end result would be magnificent.

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